Thursday, May 26, 2016

1986 Catherine's letter -May 22

May 22, 1986
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  What's new?  Did New Vienna have it's usual Memorial Day parade? Or do they still do that?  We are having company from Madras for the weekend.  They are bringing our lawn mower which our previous tenant had used but the present tenant has his own.  Then we will be able to mow the trim that we are unable to do with the riding lawn mower.  Gerry mowed all the barnyard area last weekend -- it really looks nice.

Wendy has made her list of things she wants to take to Arizona and is really getting anxious.  She went to her friend Pam's house yesterday in honor of Pam's 9th birthday.  Hard to believe she and her friends are getting so "old."

The library has finally hired two new part time people to replace the two who are splitting Jack's job.  Jack has applied for a job at the university teaching "newswriting" (must be an all media approach).  He is a former editor of the Lewiston paper so that might be more in his line than library work.

I started signing kids up last week for summer reading and have 90 signed up so far!  The program doesn't start until the last day of school – June 5 in Moscow.  Wonder if we'll beat last year's record sign up of 910?

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

P.S. Please pass enclosed note from Wendy on to (her) great-grandma!

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