Sunday, May 22, 2016

1956 College St. House Timeline - May


5/7 Church board voted on parsonage 8-3 (R.C., G.H., J.E.) [assume these are initials of those voting against]

Work stopped on parsonage til voted upon by the congregation (Rev. Schamaun found fine print in Discipline).

May 10
Footers were poured

May 11
First blocks laid.  Did four corners & four high on short ends of basement (Bill Achor, Bill Stricker & Floyd Crabtree)

May 21
Brick (1st load) arrived for parsonage.  Man came from Morrow to look over ground for septic tanks.

May 22
Congregational meeting + quarterly conference.  The latter voted 6-4 in favor of parsonage.  Congregation 20-18 against so fell through.


Mary Crowson said...

What a nightmare for all involved and smaller things have split churches. Where was the parsonage previously? How long did work stop? They probably needed 2/3 majority of congregation in favor??

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Obviously, it all worked out. There are a few more details in the next (last) update notes, but you won't see them until November. The previous parsonage was the house next to the school driveway where the Nussbaums later lived. That was approximately 1935-1956. Prior to that the parsonage was a big house on the north side of Church Street just past the alley between 2nd and 1st Streets.

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