Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1976 Roberta to John -May 26

Dear John,

So my little brother is graduating this Sunday morning from P.E.A. – hours before EC's graduation!

I asked Donna about getting off and she said that there was too much work to be done for me to take off – no seriously she said if it was closer she would like to go to!

Actually I've started moon-lighting.  Times are hard – overtime will be over after this week.  So I went on the search of a part time job – will be working for "the Doctor" Monday & Thursday nights, plus Saturday mornings.  He's a riot to work for, has a whistle that belongs out on a baseball field and blows it everytime he wants me.

I'm sorry to miss your graduation but Grandma & I will be thinking about you Sunday morning, then after Church we will eat out to help celebrate the occasion.

Also I felt it a good idea to stay home so Grandma won't be by Herself.  This way too you all won't have to rush back.

We'll be heading East in just over 3 weeks.  I hope you are happy about having Vince up there.  It will be nice to have a friend there, especially in the dining room (Kitchen – food!)

I'll see you when you return home – by then a full fledged Exeter graduate.  I hope they pronounce your name right –

My congratulations –

Using this paper to remind you of your high school days.


P.S. Dad says Saturday not Friday
 [Jean writes] R's quote not Dad's [about the following sentence]: Enjoy your last days at the Rich School.

[following paragraph written by Jean]
Looking forward to seeing you Friday evening or at the latest Saturday AM.  Sorry that this isn't fancier since this is the last letter to you at Exeter but happy you had the opportunity of going there to school – not just for the educational advantages but am sure the friends you have met and ideas you have received will be with you for a lifetime.

Love from all of us –
Dad & Mother

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