Friday, September 04, 2015

1975 MV's "My Summer" Report - Sept. 4

My Summer

In June we went New York City and New Jersey to take my sister to her summer job.  In July I went to Church camp and I had a lot of fun there.  Then we went to Chicago and Minneapolis - St. Paul.  There I got to see St Anthony Falls, and the lock.  In August I got to New York City & Montreal.  We were in Montreal for the A.B.A. Convention.  In Montreal I got Billy Graham Autograph, I saw Kissinger, and I saw the Expos play the Giants.  We got box seats.  I also went to Kings Island.  I played softball and was in two 4H clubs.

By Mary Va Uible

[following added by Jean]
Read to Mr. Roger Murphy's History Class (6th Grade) Sept 4, 1975  This is the first year the 6th grade was included in change of classes with junior high – now called Middle School.

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