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1935 Elizabeth C. Morrow note to Lucie Brown Ballantyne -Sep.12

Deacon Brown's Point, North Haven, Maine was the summer home of Dwight Morrow 1873-1931, former Ambassador to Mexico (1927-1930) and U.S. Senator from New Jersey (1930-31).  His father's youngest sister, Mary Virginia Morrow Brown 1857-1890, was the mother of Lucie Brown Ballantyne 1880-1957.  Thus, Dwight was first cousin to Lucie, and a first cousin twice removed from the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.  

Dwight's wife, Elizabeth Reeve Cutter Morrow, 1873-1955, wrote the following note to Lucie in September 1935.  Transcription follows.

September 12 '35

Dear Cousin Lucie, –

How kind of you to send us that large and luscious box of candy!

Raymer's is a name to conjure with : the box is full of my favorites and I ate more at luncheon than is good for a grandmotherly figure.

We all send you a warm thank-you for such a generous present !  This is a sweet-tooth family – just the kind to appreciate your gift.

I'm glad that your trip was a success.  You sent me such a kind note about our little visit.  The pleasant day we were all together is marked in the guest book with the group picture.  I will see you [sic] that you get one later.

Ever sincerely,
Elizabeth C. Morrow

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