Wednesday, September 02, 2015

1975 Catherine's Letter - Sep.3

Sept. 3, 1975
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta & Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your latest letter.  Hope John & Serena got off all right and Roberta made it home.

Things are going well here in Sanford.  I had to work at Stop & Go last Saturday but I did have Sunday & Monday off.

Is John still in Browning House?  Please send me his phone number as I seem to have lost the one I had.

I have two weeks vacation this year but I'm still planning to use them in the winter to go south.  I have made plans to go with a friend.

The library addition has been started.  They tore up the parking lot and have dug for the footings but they haven't poured them yet.

I guess you might send me Serena's address in case I wrote [sic] wrote to her.  Did I tell you  I did send Mrs. [Priscilla] Walker a birthday card her 88th) and I got a letter in return.

I have gotten some more furniture and the TV so the place looks a little more filled.

Stop & Go has some school supplies but they are not a big item.  Business has picked up some due to the return of the college students.  [Stop & Go is now a 7-11.  Nasson College, founded in Springvale ME in 1912 as a women's college, became co-ed in 1952, closed in 1983.]

Love, Catherine

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