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1985 Roberta's Letter -Mar.8

March 8, 1985
Dear Folks,

WELCOME HOME!!!  We spent the most of two evenings typing the newsletter, but then we had the ribbon in that could be corrected, so mistakes could be covered . . . . now we have the 'cheap' ribbon in so you all will just have to suffer through the mistakes!!!!

We will be anxious to hear the details of your trip.  Thanks for the two postals.  Sure sounded like you all were having a grand time, using your Spanish, etc.  Did you all take any pictures???

We have reservations on TWA to leave here May 21st on a direct flight to London.  It does stop in NYC to refuel and such.  Then on the 4th of June I'll be returning and Sid on the 18th of June.  The tickets are $810 each.  They say the fares are going up apx first of April so to cover ourselves we will pay for ticket by then.  Of course they get you coming and going.  If I can book People's by then I'll do it.  But if not we are then going to have to go through with TWA.  If you cancel or even change the flights there is a 25% charge.  In someways I would just as soon stick with TWA - Sid's first long flight and might enjoy the comfort of TWA vs. People's.

We got a refund check for the sales returned right as you were leaving for Mexico.  It sat on the desk . . . . I kept thinking of what we could or should spend it on.  Then yesterday morning I sent Catherine a check for $200.00 -- to cover Wendy Jean's air fare and some spending money for her to leave home with.  This is a long story . . . but then I realized we could put that $119.95 toward Wendy Jean's trip.  So today I took the check and deposited it in our checking account.  Hope this is ok with you all.  Seems to me Catherine could use the extra money because when I talked with her one time concerning the trip she was saying that the truck had finally come apart . . . that they were ready to count their losses so to speak and move on to another car.  Then it looked like they would have to move and that would cost X amount of dollars.

I had said originally we would help with Wendy's trip . . . we really do look forward to having her.  Perhaps you have heard this story through Mrs. Salisbury, but at one point they weren't going to let Catherine take advantage of the super saver prices of the ticket since Wendy would be traveling alone.  Unless we knew someone in Denver.  I called up Pat and can you believe that the time Wendy arrives is not convenient with Pat due to her Church service.  Or perhaps you have heard this story from Catherine.

Of course, we had to find someone real fast because Catherine had to buy the ticket 30 days in advance.  As it turned out I had lots of offers from people who knew people in Denver.  Offers from everyone but my own distant relative Pat who is at least temporarily on my black list.  Glen Parker (our handicapped friend) has a sister-n-law there who will be meeting Wendy.  She is retired so works out nicely.  Mrs. Salisbury had lots of good ideas including the Salvation Army -- guess she had talked with Pucketts, Wendy the preacher's wife, etc.

I call up John (at work) to see if he knew anyone in Denver.  Also wanted to tell him we had sent in for the plastic money card -- and sure wanted him to get the credit.  I put his name on the outside of the form envelope, on the form itself, etc.  but you never know.  Also talked to Serena to see if she knew anyone in Denver . . . . I sure can't figure out why she lives in Chicago.  Even New Vienna would beat Chicago!!  Sid said I could have flown to Denver myself to meet her.  I could have put the price of all the phone calls I made concerning fining someone and that would have paid for one way travel!!!

We have reservations this Sunday at the Hyatt Regency for their brunch . . . . we are using the American Express "passes" . . . . thanks so much.  Have invited the Stubbs to join us.  Dorothy especially loves fine eating and doesn't have much chance.  I was surprised that Rich Stubbs was willing to go along with it.  We have invited them to be our guests.  Thought since we got to be treated we should extend the invitation.

It's now Saturday morning.  Have some good sales going on so I have to go and look over the lay of the land.  Again, welcome home, good to have you all back on the USA soil!! . . . and within reach of AT and T.

Love, Roberta

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