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1975 Roberta's Letter -Mar.13

March 13, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter & tape yesterday.  Mary Virginia – we all enjoyed your music – especially Aunt Mary !!  Rob says he will help you w/ your music when (and if) he is up North this summer.

Yesterday was exam day for e – I had my criminal justice exam plus my statistics theory test.  It was really bad – we got the tests about 7:00 pm – about 7:45 a boy walks up to the professor – tears his answer sheet into about a hundred pieces, sticks all the pieces in the prof's shirt pocket than pats the prof on the cheek – and walks out!!

John – does it feel good to be home & working  instead – instead of at school & working?  I wish I could send you my income tax to do – but as of yet I haven't gotten my W-2 (or is it W-4) form from Ranch House yet!  About a week ago I told them I was going to contact Internal Revenue & let them get it for me!

Right now I'm at work – I'm working today & tomorrow – probably same next week!

As for when I'll be home – definitely (sp?) some time in June!  After great thought I thought it best for me to stay here.  My science course – as boring as it is – I shouldn't miss 2 weeks straight.  It won't be done w/ till April 29th.

Also – and this will shock you – I have an appointment for a job next Thursday.  It's a part time job – just mornings w/ United Parcel Service.  The pay is really good – but I don't know if I want to quit here.  (as you might recall – I quit here already about a month ago – but every time they ask me to work I break down & work)

Serena – if you are serious about the idea of coming South for the summer – let me know – ok?  I've got you a job here – you could go to F.A.U. – or perhaps get a course at the Junior College.  Would you be interested in staying at a dorm at F.A.U.?  If you would need a car I'll let you use the Buick. – (for the summer – I'm planning on being up North) as long as you don't let anything happen to my Good tires!

I better close – maybe over my vacation (starts officially March 17 – after 2nd part of statistics test) I'll get a tape off to you all ––

Thanks for letter & tape again

Love, Berta

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