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1975 Catherine's Letter -Mar.27

March 27, 1975

Dear Mom, Dad and Mary,

Sorry you haven't hear from us in so long.  We've been pretty busy patching things up, working on the house and at the library and I have a new part-time job as cashier at the Stop-&-Go in Springvale.  I work there two hours every morning and eight hours on Sunday.  There is a chance that I could become a manager trainee and work there full-time instead of at the library but I'm not sure yet that I want to do that.  I would involve working the night shift and the pay as trainee isn't that great although after you've been a trainee for awhile if you can become an assistant manager the pay is much better.

The house is coming fairly well.  X has found some people to help him work on it.  Some of the interior walls are up now and he hopes to begin the wiring soon.  We are still in hopes of moving in during June as we have to be out of here by July 1.  But if we run out of either time or money before then we will have to rent someplace else temporarily until the house is done.  We are beginning to sort out our belongings and throw out what can be gotten rid of instead of moving it.

No visible signs of progress are yet apparent as far as the library addition goes.  The plans are to put if for bid sometime in April and then begin construction in June which means that we probably won't be in it until late fall or early winter.

We had some nice spring type weather last week but this week has reverted to winter with temperatures back down below freezing and very windy.  Hopefully with the arrival of April the temperature will rise somemore.

We went to Portland last weekend – X went to the boatshow and I did some shopping.  Bought a shirt, a bathrobe at Marshall's as you suggested, and got some god cheese and snack stuff at Hickory Farms.



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