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1975 GHU Letter -Mar.24

Mon. evening -24th
Dear Family,

I am sure you are all having a good time with more of the family being home. Roberta had thought of joining you all but her vacation is not long & since she had spent so much time on Sta- [Statistics] she is now getting on Science (?) with full force with a test tomorrow I believe or soon.  She still like to work at the R. House part time.  She often gets a call.

At least she is not going to work Easter.  I told her that was one day we expected her to join in with us for I had her to make reservations for our Easter dinner at a very nice Rest. – in Atlantis.  Perhaps you have eaten there at one time.  Anyway I can take it once a year.  It is about the same class as the Lamb [presumably Golden Lamb in Lebanon Ohio].  We don't have to pay for the room.  Cris will arrive Thurs.  I think Roberta will go to Miami to meet him.  The baby and parents Thurs. night arriving in W.P.B. 10 PM by plane.  The 2 Mrs. Kintners Fri. evening.  They are driving their car & will stay at Helen Brown's for they had some family leaving last week & to date to no one has rented it.  They will be leaving Sun. after noon some time.

The weather is too warm.  Bill wants the air conditioner on but Mary doesn't like it & neither do I.  It chokes us up & then Rob comes along & makes it cooler, you feel like you were in a frig – so2 days is all we have used it so far.  I certainly wouldn't like 6 more months like it has been the last week.  We did have a nice little shower with the sun coming out a little later.

Roberta took me to see Mrs. Hobby one morning & she was expecting her daughter and Granddaughter from Bluefield, W. Va.  Mary, Roberta & I went to a luncheon & style show at the Breakers Sat. we had a very nice meal of roast beef, 3 small creamed potatoes, green beans, salad mixture containing beets so I gave them to Roberta, lime pie for dessert.  I forgot the Hard rolls, fruit cocktail, coffee or tea.

Sat. evening Mary & Bill were to play cards someplace so Roberta wanted to see the orchid display at eh W.P.B. Mall so she took me.  The flowers were beautiful & so many in different displays.  Then I decided to buy a couple of dresses.  We had quite an evening. Getting home at 10.  In time for Bed time.

I must soon decide when I may be leaving for Ohio.  Will it be an inconvenience Harold for you to meet me on a Thurs if it is cheaper that way?  For 15% off is a nice sum on a $88 ticket.  Must call up & find out from where I may leave etc.  I wondered if I should ask Mrs. Wilson if she & Becky could clean again.  She said they would last fall but conditions for Mrs. W. may be different now.  If you don't mind you might ask her & of course I am depending on Marie again.  She could clean after I get home if I am there to tell her so if the furnace will cooperate will get along al right.  I notice where the school issue fell down again.

We had a half hour of special music last Sun. before service Mrs. Rabb & Mary had practiced for 2 weeks, a lady also joined them in solo for one number & it was very pretty.

Jean it is a little late to be sending you money for a plant or flowers but enclose a $5 for same.  If not needed keep part or all of it for your plants you used for you had a bill to pay.

We had a Chorale group (32) from Drew Univ. who gave a good musical program Sun. evening at the church. Mary didn't offer to keep anyone this time.  Our Tourist class had their last class social for the season last Fri.  It was a covered dish affair with a short program.  I fixed tongue.  Would liked to have given Serena a slice.

Now have a nice Easter & wish you all a Happy Easter Day.

Love, Mother

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