Saturday, March 28, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -Mar.24

Dear Family,

Hi!  Seems I have more news for you all!  First off, did go to F.A.U. last night and got my grades . . . . . got 2 c's and one b.  Those are about the worst grades I've had since entering college . . . . . it's a good thing I'm just about done.  I've got an over-all average of 2.9 . . . . which I sure hope to bring up to above a 3.0 before graduating.

Last night I was reading want-ads and saw where Burdines was (um, were) advertising for help.  So I called them up this morning and asked them if they remembered me and told them I saw their ad in the paper.  I'm to have three days of training, two next week, and one the following week, then I'll start work, just on Sundays and maybe Saturdays.  I've decided it would be the best for me to quit Ranch House all together.  As I always seem to end up working double what I was scheduled to work.  Also the nice part about working at Burdines on Sunday is that they pay overtime, plus I would not have the responsibility there as I do at Ranch House.  But I still must keep up my friendships at the restaurant . . . . . . . in case I someday hope to work there.

I'm enclosing this thing on being honest that they gave us at UPS . . . . . thought it was good.  Because it is concerned with interstate stuff I had to give them permission to check out all the various law enforcement agencies to see if they had any records on me.

I've got a science exam tonight, so must stop and really do some concentraiting.  (however it is spelled!)

Happy Easter!



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