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1975 HH speaks at Mother's Club - Mar.4

[Wilmington News-Journal March 4, 1975]

Legal Tangles New Vienna Mothers Club topic

Mr. Harold H. Uible, New Vienna Attorney, gave the program, Legal Tangles, at the New Vienna Mother's Club Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. Arthur Bernard.

Among the "Tangles" discussed were: traffic tangles, deed to properties, death and taxes, dissolution and annulment of marriage, wills and witnesses, wills and human organs, estate planning, right to recision law investments, car payments, broadness of law, law schools, municipal court, and court news in the daily paper.

Mr. Uible was introduced by the program leader, Mrs. Harold Uible.

The business meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. Lawrence Terrell by reading legend of the Easter Flower by Grace Mathew Walker.

The Bernard home was decorated with spring bouquets throughout.

A dessert was served from a tea table centered with lighted floating candles with Mrs. Lawrence Terrell presiding.

Members and guests attending were Mrs. John M. Hughes, Mrs. Paul Eltzroth, Mrs. J. Warren Terrell, Mrs. Eugene Drake, Mrs. A.W. Hause, Mrs. Linley Moore, Mrs. Ernest Cochran, Mrs. Joe A. Eaton, Mrs. Gerald Bernard, Mrs. Floyd Carey, Mrs. Wendell Walker, Mrs. J. Vinton Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Uible, Mrs. Charles D. Hildebrant, Mrs. Frank Meier, and Miss Kristan Meier.

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