Tuesday, March 31, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter -Mar.30

Dear Folks,

We just finished getting the NARFE newsletter folded, stapled, labeled & sorted as to ZIP CODE – thank goodness we don't have a Sr. Village N/L to get out this month!

I'll enclose a copy of the latest JAG [?] letter – ENVY VS LIBERTY – I'm going to send the old boy $10 – doubt if it would be tax deductible!!   HA!

It looks like we will be paying out big bucks again for Taxes.  Did I tell you we both opened up an IRA – we had talked about doing it last year – but never quite got around to it. (for 1983) –

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY – Miss Wendy Jean arrives.  So far we just have lined up 5 nights of activity – Oh!  Also a wedding for next Friday AM – we (Sid & I) are to be standing up for this couple.  It is going to be a small wedding – out in a park in Tempe – near the Lakes' area – if you remember it.  Afterwards we will all go to Hungry Tiger – a pretty nice restaurant – we have been talking about going there – even before we were married.  It is fine for Wendy Jean to go to the wedding – Sid will also be the photographer – he's happy about that – would rather be busy than just "hanging around."

Now Saturday Aftn – will sign off – We will call you this week ––

– Oh I've been subpoenaed by the State to be a witness on 4/18 – for a trespassing that took place 1/82 – at Sr. Village – when one of our houses got broken into.  Isn't that something?

Then on the 21st I have to give a 3 minute talk at Presby. Church on Sr. Village – that's enough public speaking for the entire year!

Hope all A-1.  I'm glad Grandma is back in OHIO ––

Love –––


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