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1984 GHU Letter -Dec.30

Dec. 30 [1984]

Dear Folks – The last note of 1984.  It has been a good yr. with its ups & downs which is to be expected.  Christmas is now over with the task of removing the pretty decorations which will come next.  Thanks for the beautiful Bible.  I notice it is very complete as to information & I must begin to read it more as time passes.  

Our family is now on the decrease.  Cindy & Rob left the day after Christmas for Ind. to spend some time with her folks.  School here is dismissed until Jan 7th I believe.  Marianne & family left Thurs. for the west coast to be with Larry's mother & Corrie [sic] for a few days & then  home.  Joseph left Fri for N.Y. & then Angela & Cris plan to leave Tues. morning for Statesville.  The time has been short & I am sure we all enjoyed every minute.  The 2 boys certainly made good use of the ping pong table & of course enjoyed the beach as they all did.  The weather was quite nice all the time.  It only sprinkled a few minutes a time or two & a little cloudy at times.

Rob has decided to take up attending school Sats [sic] all day studying for a Masters' degree so he will receive a better salary.  He will go all day only on Sats beginning the 10th in W.P.B. I believe any way it is near.  

Fri I received a very nice picture of Roberta & Sid.  I suppose you folks did also.  It is good of both of them.  

I am reading the Christmas edition of the News J. by section each day.  I still have 2 more sections.  Not reading very much of each, but trying to look at each page.  I got an Upper Room Booklet to-day.  There is a notice Please 35¢ a copy.  We still have empty church pews.  A little unusual this time of year.

We will be looking forward to your coming as well as Roberta's arriving.

You can let us know as to time etc. as time moves a long.  Bed time for me.

Love, Mother.

[Written on left margin] Mary & Bill have been accepted for their trip.

* * * * *
Note: Some paragraph breaks have been added.

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