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1974 Roberta's Letter -Dec.26

December 26, 1974

Dear Family,

Got your tape today . . . . thought I would surprise you all with some written words from me.  Would you believe I had to get the dust off my typewriter tonight before using it????

Thanks so much for the gifts . . . . . . I really like the Forbes book of sayings.  I had it out on the table today and noticed that both Grandma and Aunt Mary had picked it up several times to read.   Also thanks for the note paper and pens (was that a hint) . . . . . thats one way I have saved money this fall & winter . . . . . on postage stamps.  I bought a box of Christmas cards, but never got them sent out as yet.  I figure I'll send them out now and that way people will have more time to read them, enjoy them, etc.  And thanks alot too for the ear-rings.  I especially like the snowmen ones.  I wore them to work yesterday and had alot of comments on them.  As to work yesterday (Christmas day) . . . . . . that will take another whole paragraph.

Mary Virginia thanks for the book-marks with our initials on them.  How did you make them?????  I think I'll put mine over my desk though instead of using it as a book-mark.  As for your Christmas present, Grandma wrapped it up for me today and if it gets in the mail tomorrow you should be getting it within the week.  Please don't lose any sleep over it . . . . as its not all that dynamic.  I'm sorry its late but you know at first I thought you all would be down, then I thought I might be home, well . . . . . that's not too great an excuse . . . . . but better late than never, huh?

I am also sending John and Serena something out in a few days.  Just give me time, ok?

Yesterday at work it was a mad house.  We thought it would be very slow but we were all dead wrong.  We opened up as usual with our usual morning customers, then about eight o'clock the place was packed and it stayed packed with a waiting line till two o'clock when we locked the doors.  It was really more business than we could handle.  The waitresses were all mad because they were running themselves ragged but they weren't making much in tips, because they couldn't give that good of service to their customers.  But, most of them walked out with around 40.00 in tips -- which isn't bad for 7 hours work.  I bussed tables like mad, and when they left they went together and gave me 10.00 for bussing tables for them.  It was funny one time because I had the container so packed I couldn't even carry it.  I had to ask one of the regular customers to carry it back to the dishroom.  After that I didn't pack it so efficiently.

I've had quite an experience with a woman owing me money down at work.  She supposedly needed money because she was sick, needed medicine, etc.  Well, she never paid me, always had some excuse. So last week she wrote me out a check for the whole amount, I run it down to the bank right after work, they cashed it for me . . . . no problem there.  Then yesterday 24th of Dec. I got a notice from the bank along with her check, and they had taken the amount the check was for out of my savings account.  I was firing mad.  Well she owes alot of people money besides me, but that didn't make me feel any better.  Tonight Diane went past her house and saw a U-haul it truck on the back of her car.  So right after Diane told me that I was down there knocking on her door.  I did get 30.00 out of her; I'll never again loan anyone any money.  Not even a dollar for gasoline, unless I see the gas going in their car myself!!!  Lois (the woman I'm talking about) even called me up this afternoon and wanted to borrow some more money.  The poor woman is an alcoholic.

I didn't have to work today so this morning I took Grandma over to the Medical clinic . . . she had to have a lab test done.  Then after that we went to see Mrs. Hobby.  From there we went over to Palm Beach and came back to Lake Worth on A1A.  I think that was the first time I had seen the ocean since Rut Shoemaker was down in September.  Isn't that terrible.  I had seen the lake a few times though.

I went back to weight watchers last week, I guess I told you all that before.  Jill, my girlfriend from Burdines who went back with me last week called me up tonight wanting to know what had happened to me this morning.  I guess my days are all messed up . . . . . but I told her I'd meet her there next week.  I have quit drinking so much milk down at work.  I didn't realize how much milk I was drinking, because you know how you do . . . . . but then one day I figured up I had drank [sic] six large glasses of it . . . . . at least.  I was totally shocked . . . . . thats more milk than an expectant mother drinks!!!!

As to the check in the Forbes book . . . . . thanks!!!  As you know I am taking statistics next quarter.  We either have to buy or rent a calculator from the school.  I figure I'd be better off in the end just to buy my own.  I have to get one that has a memory and does square roots.  I know I'm in for alot of trouble with this course.  But, once I get through it, I'll be on east street.  You will never know how happy I was to get that 'C' out of my political science course.  If I hadn't I would have had to go to summer school.

We all really enjoyed the tape you all sent this time.  The women down at the shop are hilarious.  After Rob heard it he thought he would like to work down there this summer.

Tonight Rob, C.W., Aunt Mary and Grandma went out looking at Christmas lights.  The National Observer Magazine place down in Lantana have a big tree and lots of flowers, etc. to see.  I saw them last year.

Did you all hear that Nancy Walker and her roommate will be in Fla this next week.  They are taking a three day cruise to the Bahama leaving Miami tomorrow.  I had a letter from Nancy about a week ago.  I hope she will call me tomorrow so that I can make plans to meet them . . . . hopefully in Miami.  I'm afraid I'll never get there unless I have a good excuse, like to meet them.

It's late . . . . . and I've got to be at work early in the morning.  I did want to write you one good letter before the year was over.  Thanks again for the book, stationary, earrings, and money.  The tape was really good.  I find it hard to believe that John has grown some more, and has long hair.  Serena ---- how is life at Wells???  You know I went to school with Faye McVey.  Who else do you work with?  How many people are on that shift?  Is Catherine still working at the plastic factory????  As I already said--got to go.

Love, Berta

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