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1954 Jean's Letter -Dec.6

Dec. 6, 1954
Dearest Mother,

Haven't heard from you since we left but hope you will soon be in Florida for think it would do you a world of good.  We'd love to have you here for Christmas but realize it would be foolish for you to stay up here that long when you could be enjoying Florida all the sooner.

We went to Cincinnati last Tuesday & the girls really enjoyed seeing Santa Claus.  Took them in 3 of the stores – toy departments & looked at a lot of other display windows with toys, etc.

We bought them a rocking horse – they've wanted one for 3 years and some other things – muffs, books and so with their dolls, records, bathrobe, baking set, etc. feel they're well supplied for Christmas.

Wednesday night the McCoys showed their slides for the Lions Club & guests at Ladies Night & they spoke briefly besides.  They have mostly rural scenes – very good pictures & made an enjoyable evening with the turkey dinner.

Friday I went to the doctor before the WSCS meeting – in fact almost didn't make the latter for had quite a wait for Dr. Fullerton.  I've gained about 3 pounds and coming along fine – go back in another 3 weeks (day before Christmas).

Arrangements are made to have Catherine's tonsils out this Saturday.  She's to be at the hospital [Hale Hospital]  at 7:30 AM & will be allowed to come home the next day.  She's quite excited about it & is busy making all the arrangements.  Roberta is going to stay with the Johnsons that day & is looking forward to that.

Saturday evening the Walkers had a pot-luck dinner serving the venison that Jack had killed in Colorado this fall – had steaks & chops & also roast venison & each couple brought a couple of dishes which made it easy on everyone.  We took rolls and an orange chiffon cake – others took cranberry salad, fancy sweet potatoes, corn, Lima beans, scalloped potatoes, relishes, nut bread, pumpkin pie, cherry pudding, mint sauce & alot of other things I can't recall right now.

Sunday we were all invited out to the Johnsons & Elizabeth had fixed up birthday decorations, a cake, etc. since she heard it was close to my birthday.  We had fried chicken, sweet potatoes, gravy, green beans, scalloped corn, pickled beets, stuffed celery, pickles, cheese, pineapple & cotage cheese salad, cake, ice cream, etc.  We looked at their pictures of their trip to Canada & showed ours.  By that time it was supper time so we had more of the same  got home about 7:30 (a very full day).

Yesterday my washer wouldn't work right – first trouble we've ever had with it to any extent so thank goodness I was about thru & now am waiting for man to come fix it today.

Tonight is Mothers Club – tomorrow Womans Club.

Will give this to Catherine to mail so it will be sure to go this morning –

Enclosing a note rec'd from Jan Cochran Bossick.

All our very best love,
Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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