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1944 Jean's Letter -Dec.5

First and last page of Jean's letter to her parents - Dec. 5, 1944
Tuesday –
December 5, 1944
Dear Mother and Daddy,

I do hope you had a very happy anniversary and will have many, many more of them.  My only regret was that I was unable to be their to express my feelings in person.  [Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne,  married Lucie Sarah Brown on December 4, 1906, they celebrated their 38th anniversary in 1944.]

I received the pretty pink slip Saturday afternoon and it was quite a pleasant surprise.  I like the way it is made and am anxious to wear it real soon and yet save it for some special occasion.

The fudge arrived Monday – yesterday – and it goes without saying – we certainly are enjoying it.  I've been sort of holding it back for it is so good but you know candy is quite popular these days so my rationing is not very effective.

I got my application ff to Western Reserve finally including an identification photo from a proof made last year.  It isn't so good.  But it would have taken a long time to have my picture taken and select the proof etc and this way I got them in only a few days.  The least no. I could have made was six so I'm enclosing two to show. you how horrible they are.  I hope W.R. won't notice it too closely.

The more I thought about the reference the more I thought they should be Miss Reese and Mrs. Carhart (2 librarians as they designated) and then I thought they might think I should give a professor in my major subject so I chose Dr. Stathers.  He knows me best probably and knows my family as well and is head of the Romance Language and Literature Department.  They are probably more interested in my college record than in my high school one so that is another reason they are all from the University.

I'm anxious to hear from them soon and no doubt I will be Thursday or Friday.  I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

Jeanne is coming down this weekend.  There isn't a whole lot gong on – except the first basketball game of the year.  We are playing Fairmount.  She may want to go to that.  But the shows aren't anything to rave about as far as I know – "Kismet" with Marlene Dietrich and Ronald Coleman and the other is "Laura" with Gene Tierney.

I've got so much to do between now and the end of school [graduation in February 1945] and I'd like to get most of it done before I go home at Christmas.  I've got the Eleusis [for sorority?] news to get in, a term paper to write, a bibliography to compile, research questions to look up (this takes the place of a final exam so they'll be plenty tough).  So you can see I've really got to get busy and quick!

I told you that Janice and her mother were leaving last Thursday for California.  Well Mr. (Lt.) Gilbert called just a short time before and said he was being shipped out.  Of course they were quite disappointed but that is what Mr. Gilbert has been longing for – to get sea duty.

The clock just struck 12:00 so in order for me to get some beauty sleep I'd better get the light out.  I'll write more later.  I hope you both are feeling better and really taking care of yourselves.


P.S. I'm thinking about coming home on the train at Christmas time for the buses will be so crowded.  Let me know what you think.

P.P.S I've suggested Christmas gifts for me – why don't you both mention something I might be able to give you.

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