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1974 Roberta's Letter -Dec.29

Dec. 29, 1974
Dear Family,
Hi – Since G'ma was visiting thought I would write a note – I'm really having some Christmas vacation – since our breakfast cook left town, Jowen [?] – the manager has taken over as breakfast cook & I'm doing most of his work!  We've really had some busy days lately – "the Season" has finally begun!  Today we came close to running out of bread so I had to call the Holsum comp. & they brought us down a new supply – that's what kind of service you get when you spend close to $700.00 in  2  weeks on bread!

Thanks again for the tape – John – tell me more about your job – what all do you do?  I like the part about you having your own little office!  And what's this about being on vacation till January 16th – gee – I should have gone to Exeter – HA!

I need some prescriptions filled at New Vienna's friendly drug store #12167 and #12044.  I would greatly appreciate it if you sent them both as soon as possible.

Did I tell you all what else I got for Christmas – a beautiful long brown sweater – jacket type from the Hortons.  A nice Buxton clutch wallet from my manager & his wife.  Also some perfume & junk like that from some down at work.

I go back to school a week from tomorrow.  I'll be glad when I'm all done w/school.  I'm ready to get out in the business world!  HO, HUM!

The Buick is running like a caddy again – I splurged last week & got it washed!  It sure needed it – hadn't been done since I left Ohio!  It was getting hard to see out the back window!  But now its really clean ––

I'd like to buy a bike – Sears had an ad in the paper – I might go there & look tomorrow after work.

J.B. – will you do my income tax this year.  I got the folder the gov't sent me – I'd never be able to figure it out myself.

Serena – how were your grads?  What about next quarter?  You can think of me – sweating out statistics!!

Thanks again for all the nice Christmas presents ––


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