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1974 Catherine's Letter to MV -Dec.1

December 1, 1974
Dear Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your latest letter.  I was impressed to receive a three page letter.  That must be some sort of record, too.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.  We haven't done much over vacation except read and watch TV.  It has been nice to just sit around for a change.  We had a good turkey on Thanksgiving Day.  We ate the turkey which Mom brought us when you were here in October.  Please tell Mom that it cost $9.88.

I'm afraid Mrs. Compton will have to live without getting a note from me.  During the week I hardly have time to brush my teeth and writing letters to people who have written me.

Although it keeps me fairly busy, I really don't mind working two jobs.  I like the people I work with at the plastic factory and the time passes quickly.  At the library things are about the same.  We aren't usually too busy during December as alot of people are busy shopping, partying, etc.  Tomorrow we're going to put up our Christmas decorations.

Was the M*A*S*H that East Clinton put on much like the TV show?  It is one of X's favorite TV shows.

When are you leaving for Florida?  Is Grandma going with you or before you?  I am planning to mail your Christmas gifts to New Vienna – I assume that will be all right.

It has been cold here.  It snowed about 10 days ago and the snow is still on the ground.  Winter must be here.  It has been getting down to about 10-15º at night and about 25-30º during the day.

Write again soon.


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