Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oct. 30, 1989-99 Discount at Luby's

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - 5th Annual CMH Alumni [?] dinner at General Denver, about 50 there.  Sat with the Hamiltons, Dr. Girk, Dr. Metaske and Dr. Buchanan.  CMH has raised $700,000 for the remodeling program.  Called Serena, she had a D&C yesterday as an outpatient.

Tuesday 1990 - [Roberta leaves] Jean, Roberta and I left about 10:30 to meet Serena for lunch in Greenville, ate at the "Dots" Restaurant, lunch special $2.98 for ½ sandwich and soup.  Her apartment looks "lived in."  They were delivering her new desk.  Roberta had a good deal on her ticket at $169 R.T. to Phoenix.  Ate supper at Cracker Barrel, 4 veg. and biscuit for $3.95.  Car turned 5,000 miles.  At Dayton Airport cheapest parking is $3.50/day.

Wednesday 1991 - Mother seemed real good, enjoying the trick and treaters at Heartland.

Friday 1992 - [Kentucky] Got new battery for my watch, should last a year.

Saturday 1993 - A surprise wet snow, 2/3" but not sticking to road.  Jean took Ann Bailey to UMW meeting in Columbus.  GHU really uncooperative.  Had fire in fire place.

Sunday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ] We went to church with Sid and Roberta at their UMC then ate at Luby's.  The Lou Ann Plate is $3.99 and Roberta had coupon for 20% off.  Had supper at Catherine's.  She had spinach into a hamburger patty.

Monday 1995 - Went after Jean at CMH about 11am and had vegetable soup that she had fixed earlier.  Julie fixed supper, chicken casserole and then left about 6pm.  Had to go back to Wilmington and get prescriptions for Jean.  Gas 98.9¢

Wednesday 1996 - Met John Julie and Kate at Jimmy's Upstairs at 595 S. 3rd St. in Columbus, very nice.  That cut up bookstore is a block south, got a book on South Africa and also London.  Joe's place next to bookstore, we had ice cream there.  Jean went to Main Medical she has been having a pain in her left side, Eddie Bath thought it was an infection.

Thursday 1997 - Jim Erbaugh here for ⃞ dance calling.  Still digging up streets for new 8" water mains.

Saturday 1999 - [Kentucky] Had outdoor picnic in the evening with Susan and Rudy there.  He took a lot of kidding about his "home made" baked beans.  We all drove around Somerset, where Ginny went Trick or Treating, oh the candy she got.

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