Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oct. 28, 1989-99 Never trust a skinny cook

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - The Harners and I had the program at the NV Senior Citizens on our cross country bike trip.  Orville: "never trust a skinny cook."  Painted Valleys (first time) on our roof.  Put dirt before our new planter wall.

Sunday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Had 94 at church, had pot luck dinner, then song fest in the PM.  Nellie Thornburg had open house at Wilma's for her 90th birthday.  Serena and Roberta had great time looking at pictures of 30+ years ago.

Wednesday 1992 - [Seattle to Far East Trip with Liggitts ends]

Thursday 1993 - We took the Nathan Hale's to Murphin Ridge, he kept commenting about all the buzzards.  Mother seems a little better.  Going ⃞ dancing instead of opening the door for all the trick or treaters.

Friday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ]

Saturday 1995 - Winterized GHU's house, since Jean was running a temperature, she will not get to go home today.  Mowed the high spots in the yard.  Got a sub at Wendy's for $1.99, usual $2.75.  Jean had her first regular meal tonight.  She wrote a card to Ann Bailey, who has a part in Emmaus walk this weekend.

Monday 1996 - The new stove came from Steinberg's.

Tuesday 1997 - Went to Blanchester P.L. for program on internet, it was a fast session.  Eleanor Powell Pelfry works there part time.  Her Mother Sarah is at Twin Towers.  We have lost our icon on the CRT.  McFadden closing on land K.

Wednesday 1998 - Went to Wilmington to Court House then to hear Robert Heinecken [artist and photojournalist who died 5/19/06 at age of 74] talk at 3pm on Guatemala.  [His most recent work is an] Article in NYT on 10/18 re: New Delhi.  At 7:15 Julian Bond spoke on Civil Rights: then and now.  He is active in NCAAP.  This was all part of the Wertheimer Peace Symposium.  Christine Hadley Snyder was at the Heinecken talk.  College Library has NYT Sophisticated Traveler.

Thursday 1999 - Got flue shot.  Republican presidential debate at Dartsmouth.  Prediction in WSJ about easier machine coming in 2000 to use the internet.  Talking to Elizabeth Ellen Carey at Senior Center, she is 86 and wants to keep her mind working, speaks so highly about Doug helping her.

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