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Oct. 10, 1989-99 Aleda Purtee

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1986 - [Philippines and Korea trip ends]

Thursday 1987 - [Indiana] Hilly Hundred Bike trip from Bloomington IN [last part].

Wednesday 1990 - [to Kentucky] Left about 3 after Jean's Women's Club meeting at Harners for Lexington.  Met MV and Don at the Mall (Zondervans) then went to Arnolds for supper, cheese cake $2.50.  MV cancelled our reservations at the Quality Inn and we stayed at the College in Wilmore ($30 for the two of us, + $1.80 tax).

Thursday 1991 - [Roberta visiting]

Saturday 1992 - [Seattle to Far East Trip with Liggitts]

Sunday 1993 - [New England and Nova Scotia trip ends] Back from Nova Scotia trip of 11 days, with a week before that in New England with three nights with Bob and Pat Ballantyne.  See separate notes [not included].  Enjoyed our two nights at Longfellows Wayside Inn.  [Oldest operating inn in the country, since 1716, in Sudbury MA.]

Monday 1994 - [Hocking Hills, Columbus Day] John and I went for a two mile walk up to the lake before breakfast, then after breakfast we visited all the areas around.  Had lunch in Logan at a new Dutch restaurant.  We had made reservations for dinner at 7 at the Inn.  Really not worth $18 a piece, pork chops with red cabbage, sweet potato patties, salad and fancy dessert.

Thursday 1996 - We went to Hillsboro, as having open house at Highland House for Supreme Court Judge Stratton.  Had "long" talk with Cathy Hottle, she celebrated her 80th birthday in June, in process of writing a book.  Jean put up posters about UMC Harvest Dinner on 11/2/96.  Ate at Arby's, 4 beef sandwiches for 99¢ each, they kept trying to sell us on fries.  Aleda Purtee passed away, they took off the life support yesterday.  She was a classmate of mine at NV School.  [She was also my second grade teacher.  Anybody else have her?  She was a mean teacher – made good use of her ruler and was also good at pulling ears, and ruined my chances of being an artist when my crayon drawing was portrayed as an example of how not to do it.  Though certainly she must have had some good qualities and I understand was an excellent hoarder.]  Went  ⃞ dancing.

Friday 1997 - Gary Kersey was over to look at house, "wait until April."

Saturday 1998 - [Kentucky] Ate at Ruby Tuesdays, a new restaurant in Somerset.

Sunday 1999 - [NYC with church group to home] Left from Edison Hotel about 8am, at 1pm in Bedford PA at Boss's Buffet, a real value.  Got back to Worthington at 7pm in light rain.  Had a snack stop at Wendy's and were home at 9pm.  Doris had carried all the flowers in.

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Catherine said...

From John: 1996- I had Miss Purtee for Third Grade. You are correct, Catherine, she was no fun and quite strict.
1994- I remember the hike with Dad in Hocking Hills with very fond memories.

From Dad: 1996- Reading about Aleda Purtee (my NVHS Classmate) in the blog reminded me of that experence as I was the Executor of the Estate and to say she was a hoarder is an understatement. Some of the rooms were so packed (like old cereal boxes, grocery sale bills, etc etc) up to one's height that you could not see out the window. In fact the house was so full that she had built a garage which was also filling up.

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