Monday, October 20, 2008

Food from Childhood

Mary, I was going to comment on your post, but appears with the new comment system (hopefully) we now can't comment on older posts. Anyway, Here's a place to put all those food comments when I have more time! We're off for our morning walk in the next few minutes. I do remember the ham loaf -- not a favorite of mine though. Plenty of meatloaf, tuna casseroles, chipped beef, and endless hams in my memory bank. My birthday request was always for stuffed porkchops -- more for the stuffing than the pork though, with spice cake and orange frosting. Fruits and veggies (and way too much cottage cheese) were always in abundance.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Just goes to show you that no two children in the family are exactly alike. I loved the cottage cheese and didn't really care for the vegetables---big surprise there!
I've also looked at hamloaf recipes online and plan to make one sometime soon. Turns out the "wet" ingredient in most of the recipes was MILK. I should have known!

Serena said...

I remember cottage cheese being served often - but I don't particularly remember liking or disliking it. I do remember apple sauce and cottage cheese were both often served and I loved apple sauce, especially mixed with cottage cheese. I rarely buy cottage cheese anymore, I'm still pretty lukewarm about it.

I remember when we had ham, we almost always had it with sweet potatoes - because Catherine didn't like ham, but she liked sweet potatoes.

The only vegetable I really hated when I was younger was lima beans - which I still think are disgusting - the taste, the mouthfeel, the smell - I mean, they look okay, but they taste like grainy slime.

Mary Virginia - your mother gave you options if you didn't like something? I remember having to sit at the table until I either ate whatever was disgusting or I had to choke it down before I ran for the bus - like oatmeal. I still loathe cooked oatmeal. The smell, the texture, the mouthfeel, the taste - the whole thing is completely disgusting. On the other hand, raw oatmeal is okay - quite edible. I had some for breakfast just yesterday.

My favorite vegetable when I was a child was brussel sprouts - although I remember being particularly partial to brussel sprouts with lots of cheese melted on them.

I don't particularly remember eating very much German chocolate cake - or offered much. Mother used to make them for bake sales, etc. I remember she told me that they made more money at the bake sales because of the ingredients - especially the nuts and the coconut. I don't really remember much carrot cake, except near May 14. Roberta used to say that was her favorite way to eat a vegetable. Need I mention the cocoa crispies with chocolate milk . . . and is it my imagination or was she the sibling who yearned to put sugar on her cereal?

I do remember Grandma's graham crackers - which I loved - especially the ones with cinnamon sugar on them. Sometimes I even got two.

I do remember I used to love to go help Grandma with her baking - especially the pies, apple dumplings and those little leftover pieces of dough made into little cinnamon sugar pies. Those apple dumplings were so tasty, but the little cinnamon pies were also a favorite partly because they tasted good, but also because I could make them by myself with very little help. Mom used to say if it took longer to make than it did for the family to eat it, she wasn't making it.

TV dinners and pot pies? Those were huge treats when Mom and Dad went out somewhere over dinner AND we were even allowed to eat them in the recreation room WHILE watching TV.

I remember the tuna casserole as a real treat, not so much because we liked the tuna casserole, but because potato chips were crumbled on top and so we go to eat potato chips.

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