Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did Serena and Roberta eat?

I remember vividly Serena's fondness of spinach, even for breakfast :( The only memory I have of Roberta is the old movie of her licking chocolate icing off of her fingers in mock delight to the camera...
Anything you two would like to add????


Mary Uible Crowson said...

AH...lima beans. I must say I first realized I liked them when I stayed at Bill and Nellie Thornburg's house (why I stayed there instead of Oscar and Elizabeth's???). She would fix fried chicken, real mashed potatoes with a milk gravy and lima beans that had been simmered with ham for several hours. That meal was to DIE FOR ever since I could remember. The key with lima beans is to NOT cook them in the microwave. There are some foods that just are not served justly (double entendre?) when attempting to cook any way other than SLOWLY. Like roast beef...which is much better from a crock pot where it has been smothered in onion gravy for about 8 hours. But then again, I'm talking to siblings who don't even like red meat!! :)
I do remember eating brussel sprouts and tolerating them but only because it was a necessity. It was only after I became an adult that I realized if you fix oatmeal differently, I enjoy it. The way we prefer it: with butter, salt, brown sugar, raisins (or craisins) and pecans or walnuts AND on the thin side....more like thick soup or "stew". I still don't want to even think about cream of wheat but grits (the southern alternative) is much more appealing because you DROWN it in butter, milk and salt/pepper.
Last but not least, my guess on being offered a choice was not so much a choice as learning as you age that sometimes---especially with your offspring---you have to choose your battles. In mother's mind it was probably not so much giving a choice about the menu as simply, it's grilled bread for dinner---what do you want between the bread?
And potato chips on casseroles....I never figured out how we could use them crushed on a casserole but never seemed to "stock" them in the house. The chips I remember often came from the freezer in an attempt to keep the "fresh". Did we buy them stale? And soft drinks were never kept at the house until the grand children came along....and only as long as mother did the shopping. When HH did it, the "cokes" disappeared!

Catherine said...

Roberta used to get sick from eating potato chips -- she took the absence of them from our regular eating patterns to mean she had to eat as many as possible when they were available. Besides being unhealthy, that was the other reason we could not keep potato chips around the house. Anybody remember the circles cut out of the bread and an egg fried in the middle? I liked spinach with the creamed cheese and always loved asparagus and green beans, even if they were cooked with the ham. I remember John being pickier than the rest of us but can't remember too many details. Mary, I only remember you eating baby food!

Serena said...

I do remember potato chips and pop were only special occasion foods. The only time I really remember drinking pop was at the skating rink - I would go to the snack shop there and order a "Cherry Suicide" - 25% of four different kinds of pop mixed together and cherry flavoring. I can remember thinking it tasted really excellent, in spite of it being pop. I haven't had one in probably 37 years.

John was the pickiest of the picky. I don't so much remember exactly what he would or wouldn't eat - other than absolutely no fish/seafood and nothing at all unusual. He didn't like any one food on his plate to touch another food.

He also didn't want to see anyone else eating anything unusual. I do recall when going out to eat John was often told to just stop looking at what I was eating. I would often scan the menu for the most unusual item. I could not only try something new, but as a bonus, I could torture John. The first time I had sushi - in Chicago - when I was maybe 12 or so, John about had a fit.

The bread with the egg in the middle - can't say I really remember that. Isn't that called toad in a hole or something?

I'd really sorta forgotten the cream cheese in the spinach - I did love that. I did also love the green beans. Really fresh green beans cooked for a long time with ham really is delicious - that was one of my favorites.

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