Sunday, October 12, 2008

Restaurants and Sid

Since Sid's beloved wife is out of town, we've been hitting the  restaurants. The first night we went to Paradise Bakery. That was pretty successful - chicken salad sandwich, vegetarian sandwich and free wi-fi.

The trip to  Ihop was also successful - pancakes, eggs and bacon, but no wi-fi.

Friday night we went to Rosie's here in Sun City West - not as successful. Sid didn't care for his lasagna and I thought the mushroom ravioli was too rich.

Yesterday we went to Golden Corral  . . . there was a lot of food, but very little of it good. shrug.

Today we are going to Hole in One - or as some people refer to it - Hole in the Wall.

Our other plans include Coco's tomorrow morning with Sharon as waitress and then on to the Apple Store and Costco. Sid has been interested in going to those three places all week-end.

I'm thinking of finishing off Sid's week of restaurant indulgence with New York West Bakery on Tuesday morning.

By far, my favorite restaurant of the bunch has been Paradise Bakery. Sid has said he likes about anything, but no vegetarian restaurants.

I'd like to go to Pita Jungle - but I think it might be too "vegetarian" for Sid.

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