Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christian Science Monitor and other news

Did you see where the Christian Science Monitor is going (mostly) all online? There will still be a weekly edition in print.

I get most of my news from New York Times (online), Google News and podcasts. I almost never watch tv news . . . although I do get some network news podcasts. One of the nice things is that way I can just delete anything boring - like sports. I've had to hit the delete button more often recently - something about some big game (games?).

Serena, are the comments being goofy again? I can't seem to post a comment.... regardless of whether I'm signed in or not. Do you think the CSM is following in the footsteps of the Mesa Tribune or did they independently come to the same conclusion? Wonder how long before the AZ Republic will do likewise. Personally, I skim the headlines and focus on the book news and anything else that grabs my attention. I miss the daily newspaper but not so much that I want to resubscribe -- we haven't taken it for several years now.

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