Monday, October 06, 2008


Last night Kings and I went to Line Thai for dinner with Sharon O'Shea and Ruth and DC Black. We all had a good time. Food was good, although I ordered Pad Thai medium spicy and it was downright bland.

The Blacks did ask about Roberta's siblings and nieces and nephews. We told them about the big April blowout when Wednesday (Wendy Jean Morgan) and Ken got married.

Well, I see the sun is pretty much up now - I'm getting ready to go out on bike ride. I've gotten a new bicycle seat which is much more comfortable and gotten the computerized odometer on the bike fixed. The latter came with the bike (which cost $25 at the thrift store) . . . well, actually both the seat and the computer came with the bike. The computer only needed a new battery. The seat was beyond help. I'm thinking about replacing the seat on the bike that Murray borrowed when he was last here - he said it was very uncomfortable. I haven't really had a problem with it, but . . .

The weather has hit a major cool down finally. Expected high today only 95 - and at least the forecast is no triple digits this week.

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