Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Weather and Birthdays

Didn't get much response except from Mary regarding themes and blog postings. So here are my suggestions for the week -- Weather because there is always something to say or post about the weather, and it continues to be colder than usual here. Of course we could take that further and discuss global warming, climate change and the future.... Or we could post about birthdays since both Serena and I have or will be celebrating such events in the recent past and near future. Today at work we are celebrating with a birthday lunch honoring yours truly and also our December birthday person whose birthday lunch was postponed due to being short-staffed last month. Of course we're still short-staffed but at least have enough people in other departments to cover our desk while we go to lunch.


Roberta said...

We are continuing to celebrate! Where did your group go Catherine? Last night at the SKYE, the new cosmo area on the West side. It was very good, and I would recommennd it! Tonight we are having a change of pace and eating a slow-cooker meal here at home with the folks coming our way. Sara leaves today.....she just got up, and we need to leave here within 20 minutes so stay tuned! Ah, the weather, I did not see the snow, but I sure felt it. I sure would hate to work for the Chamber of Commerce right now. Let me see now if I can send this. ROberta the commenter

serena said...

Was there a post/email about birthdays/weather? I didn't see it/get it.

Catherine said...

Serena, the weather/birthday post is this one actually -- my attempt to come up with possible themes for the week. The floor (or internet) is open for new theme suggestions anytime!

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