Friday, January 26, 2007

Picture Editing and topic of the week!

After using picasa to do Serena's collage, I fooled around with it a little more on those Ballantyne pictures and it's pretty easy to use. Now I'm going back through other pictures and cropping them to make it easier to see the people (example above and left). Very user friendly!

Coldest morning here yet. I hear my parents when I say to my children, "CLOSE THE DOOR YOU'RE LETTING ALL THE COLD AIR IN!" and "Aren't you cold? Where are your slippers?". As of right now the temp is UP to 30*. Off to Macon to donate platelets and red cells. Where is RUK, the blog lurker? No comments from her recently. Topic for next week?


Catherine said...

Topic for next week is up for grabs to whomever posts one first. Or since I picked last week I could tag you, MV, to take next week.

Roberta said...

Mary Virginia, you sure are talented like Serena when it comes to the pictures. We have new toys here, Sid's IPOD and our new cell phones. Mine is like a computer inside with internet news, traffic, etc. It is free for two weeks, then I have to decide.....willI pay for it????

We just got back from a trip to the doctor's that started out at the Methodist RUmmage sale, which is the biggest event in the church year! Details to follow! Love to all from the commenter Roberta

Catherine said...

Forgot to make note earlier of the birthday candles on Grandma's cake -- an appropriate picture tie-in to our theme! We took our friend Karen (visiting from VT) to lunch at Havana Cafe in celebration of her birthday today.

Items from Uible photo album