Wednesday, January 24, 2007

weather and...

The weather yesterday and today was CHILLY---more like January than anything thus far. High here was in the upper 40s I believe and a change from the 70s plus that we had experienced in December and first part of the month and I actually had to wear a jacket tonight. Some people bundle up here in the 40s++ with gloves, hoods, the whole bit and it can almost be comical! All the rain we've had has been very welcome and hopefully we'll have a continued supply of it throughout the Spring/summer to avoid the usual drought/water restrictions.
I did get an email tonight from a Katie Brown Ramaker with some pictures of Grandmother Lucie, Uncle Bob and Aunt Va. As soon as I can edit them with picasa, I will try to post them as they are quite good! Thanks, Wendy, for keeping us up to date with the great pictures of KC!

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