Saturday, January 27, 2007

Florida and Recipes

I can't say I remember ever going to FL with the family EXCEPT when I was about 5ish (possibly right after Granddad died?). My first time to travel by myself was to FLORIDA to see RUK and the Hortons when I was 10 and earned the money to buy my own ticket $110 from Cincy to West Palm. As I also recall Disneyworld had just opened and RUK took me there on greyhound? Could be I have the trips confused....Also want to say Vanessa Brown took us to Disney and then maybe we rode back to WPB on the bus. The bus we memorable because it was the first time I ever had chicken out of a can. What a sheltered childhood!
Mother, thinking of you especially right now as I'm watching Iron Chef America on Food Network and the topic is BEETS.
Roberta, I have several personal recipes for crock pot cooking I'd be glad to email you; for Christmas Don gave me Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade Crock-Pot Cookbook which I have enjoyed and some very interesting recipes in there as well.
Serena--are you worn out from birthday celebrations? Catherine, what's new with KC and the rest of your family?
We are very much looking forward to April and already making plans to convoy with JB, Julie etal from here to Lantana via the Kennedy Space Center.

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