Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Skye Restaurant

We finally made it to the famous (at least in Roberta's world) Skye Restaurant. It was very nice. I must say from Roberta's rather sketchy description - five floors with lots of music and food; I had pictured more of a bar/dancing/chi-chi food place.

It seems we picked a rather off-night to try out Skye - it was the night for their Christmas party (obviously after the Christmas rush). There were only four occupied tables at the place - one by a relatively large party (15-20 people), two other tables of four or so and the four of us - Sara, Sid, Roberta and me.

We had an excellent appetizer - Wisconsin cheese fondue with some sliced apple, broccoli, cauliflower and bread. We had roasted duck, pecan chicken, and (in honor of the Mexican trip to Puerto Penasco) Shrimp Puerto Penasco. Everyone was very happy with their entrees, although I found the Shrimp too rich and, although not bad, I wouldn't order it again. At least for the last time in 2007, Sid and I got birthday desserts which we shared. Sid got chocolate decadence which was VERY chocolate and very decadent. I got bananas Foster which was not at all chocolate and somewhat decadent, and very good.

The music was mostly (all?) Frank Sinatra and at a nice volume - one could hear it, but not overpowering and it was easy to carry on a conversation. The lighting was reasonable - one could easily see quite well.

I think the group decision was that Skye is a very nice place for special occasion dining. Very little food for vegans - red pepper hummus was the only item, I think, that would be vegan.

The website is here. And there is a link for the menu (Adobe pdf).

Next birthday meal is scheduled for January 29th at Persian Garden Cafe, in the evening I presume. I'm looking forward to a second trip to the Persian Garden Cafe - it is a very nice organic restaurant with quite a few vegan/vegetarian offerings. Not sure what time we are meeting though.

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Catherine said...

And thanks for the Skye postcard, Serena! Sorry we won't be going to Persian Gardens on Monday after all as Coco's isn't quite the same but nevertheless will work for breakfast on Monday. Saw you decided to fly to FL on Monday after all. I'll see if we can get the same reservations.

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