Saturday, January 27, 2007


This is now Roberta the poster pecking away! My suggestion for a theme would be FLORIDA! Trips in the past, and of course what should we plan for April! I remember well both the times in Florida and of course getting there and back! Topics under this could be many, the food we ate, the trips to the beach, the bathrooms (or lack of) and of course the side trips! Serena, could you find some pictures of Florida to post???

Another subject could be cooking.....I am thinking of using our slow cooker more so I am looking for recipes, and would appreciate any tried and true.

I have not had my breakfast yet, and get grouchy when I have not eaten so more later. Again this is Roberta the poster posting. ( I just had to remove commas, and other not allowed items from the subject line)

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Catherine said...

Good idea on subjects, Roberta! We could call you Roberta, the good theme thinker! I'll give some thought to Florida, where our last trip was about 5 years ago and I most vividly remember spending a couple months there as a ~5-year-old and then later in junior high.

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