Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Glad to talk to both Catherine and Roberta tonight but missed Serena, Mom and Dad (talked to John just a couple days ago)! Mom and Dad, I did try both the house and your cell phone but obviously unsuccessful on both.
Our Black-Eyed Pea lunch at church went well---I cooked 4 lbs of B.E.P.s and the 80 people ate over half! I feel as if I've met my quota for eating them for 2007 already after sorting them before the cooking.
Tomorrow we are back to work and kids go back to school Thursday. I'm ready to get back in the routine even if they aren't!

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Roberta said...

Will it let me post now???? I have been lurking and have tried to post several times.....HELP SERENA!!!!

As to the picture, all I could get was a few red x's. Is that a code?

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