Friday, January 05, 2007

Favorite Places in Rocky Point

The Friendly Dolphin (El Delfin Amigable): This is located on the way out of the Old Port area. It is has a very friendly staff and has good Mexican or Seafood. They have an upstairs terrace patio that will give you a great view of the Harbor.

For those traveling to Mexico soon, I got some suggestions from my friend who goes there quite often. Above is her favorite restaurant.
Mercedes Rusticos is her favorite store which she says is across the street from the Friendly Dolphin.

She also recommends the drive to the aquarium which is not far out of town. For those of you not traveling to Mexico soon, enjoy the pictures and the privileges of home!


Roberta said...

Thanks and we will plan on being there. Just found out we can buy the Mexican insurance through our regular Insurance man here. Back to the cleaning, though Serena is making circles around me....or what is the expression when the other person is doing most of it, and I simply talk about it. Best of weekends to one and all! Roberta the blogger/commenter

Mary Uible Crowson said...

so who all is going? and where in Mexico?

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