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1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine-June 20

The Clipping: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uible and family have returned home from taking their daughter, Catherine, to Carbondale, Ill., where she is participating in an eight-weeks course in advanced mathematics at Southern Illinois University through an award by the National Science Foundation.

– – – – – – – –
West Virginia's 103 Birthday!
10:45 PM
Monday evening
June 20, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

We got home about 8:00 this evening leaving Carbondale a little after 7 this morning.  I'd like to have talked to you again but didn't want to waken all of Steagall [dorm] calling at that hour.

We drove to Cairo (KAY'-ro), Ill. where we planned to have a picnic breakfast at the park where the Ohio joins the Mississippi but the mosquitoes were terrific.  John was disappointed but he did take some picture(s) there.  

We reached Abraham Lincoln's birthplace about 1:00 so did have a nice picnic there with squirrels, blue jays & cardinals real close-by.  We probably spent a good hour there and then took the Kentucky Turnpike to Lexington then on to Cincinnati where we ate at the Colonade and home.

We found that (1) Roberta had broken the lens in 1 side of her glasses when she was swimming at Lake Cowan Saturday but ordered one to fit it this morning from Dr. Morand.  

(2) Kevin came down with the mumps yesterday so that will be just right for Mary Virginia to have them while Bible School starts (3 weeks from today).  He seemingly has them on both sides so he should be recovered in about a week.  John went into talk to him so he'll no doubt have them too.

You remember visiting Mrs. Schull* who lived on the corner where you turn to go to the hospital (Clinton Mem).  She passed away Saturday.

We read on the front page of tonights' paper where Ruth Lyons' daughter (Candy Newman) died today of cancer.  She was just 21 and on her way home from Europe with her parents.

Tom Green [NV policeman] was looking for Daddy for someone reported our old blue car had been down in front of the Christian Church for three days and they wanted it moved.  Granddaddy didn't know anything about it – Grandma thought it had been stolen from our garage & finally Fred Hughes somehow checked with Charles Knauff who had parked it there (in order to try to sell it) so it was moved back to his lot & T. Green is happy again.  No doubt someone complained to him.

I haven't talked to the Kuntzmans yet but they are getting packed up & C. Hause has been helping them.  We got a shock tonight when Roberta looked out in front about an hour ago and there was a big moving van double parked in the street.  It was there a good while but evidently just sizing up things for the move Wednesday.

They said there was a good crowd at Church Sunday – 166 + 6 children in the nursery (Cindy Burton stayed & Roberta helped after ushering.  Even the Roy Myers were there.

Papers were all delivered & we picked up Thompsons & Flints for they have gone on vacation.  Mrs. Penn got hers.

We think of you often and know you'll really enjoy your eight weeks at S.I.U.  Do write and tell us when you can spare a few minutes for your lonesome family back home.

All our love and XX, Mother

P.S. Your zip number?

[In Dad's handwriting]  P.S. A brochure this A.M. from Hiram College for you.  Try out those parallel bars at the playground.  

– – – – –
Martha Smith Shull (1877-1966) was the wife of James Mathews Shull (1871-1953). James Shull was the son of Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull Rosier Uible (1845-1937) who was David Uible's second wife (Cecil's step-mother).  Thus James was a step-brother of Cecil Uible and Martha was therefore the wife of the Uible-Horton cousins' step-great uncle.  

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