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1976 Roberta's Letter -June 24

June 24, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi – We appreciate you all calling – I think J.B. & Vince are beginning to like their room better – after getting carpet put down on the floor & getting some of their own stuff in it to make it look more homier.

Tuesday we went to Dover – J.B. bought his candy – then that evening we just drove around the area & ate at a small "diner."

Yesterday it was into the city – I drove – figured I need the experience (understatement) Drove straight across Manhattan to 1st Ave. & about 38th Street.  Walked to the UN – took tour there – then walked to Rockefeller Center – went to Radio City – movie wasn't anything to brag about "Harry & Walter go to N.Y.C." – about two musicians back in the 1800's – floor show was good – bicentennial.  Then as we were walking out of it we got asked about viewing a TV program – CBS – we went – it was a closed circuit thing of Amos & Andy – guess they are thinking of putting it back on the air.  They wanted each one of us (about 15) to make comments – fill out a questionnaire about it.

From there (about 5th & 51st) we went to Macy's  – also by foot.  We spent about a half hour in Macy's – I could have spent half of a day there.

By this time (6:30 pm) we figured it was time to be getting out of the city – so continuing our mode of transportation we walked back to the car (1st Avenue & 30th St.)  We did get some exercise yesterday.

Now – I was driving down Manhattan about 3rd Avenue & 2nd streets away from the tunnel & fumes (air) start coming out of the vents giving off a very undesirable smell & the Red light comes on.  As you know gas stations are not in abundance in Midtown.  We pulled over – Vince looked – then undid the Radiator cap & it all bubbled out – John went to a restaurant & got 3 bottles (3 different times – 1 bottle each time) of water in the Ivory Liquid bottle I had in the car.  We waited awhile – then we decided we would try to make it across the tunnel – the fumes started again bad & the red light came on.  But we risked it – Vince kept waving the smoke out of my way so I could see good – John was in dead silence.   Even on the other side we had trouble getting to a gas station – finally – after about 5-10 long minutes we found a Sears Auto place.  We met another car w/ the same problem.  The Sears man came through for us – looked car over good – must have put 1½  gallons at least of water in it – then we took off again and had a safe trip home.

I hope that is no preview of what the summer will hold as to car trouble.  The van is the old yellow one – has 78,000 miles plus.

As to meals – we "ate cheap"  at Zum-Zum's for lunch.  We were in a hurry to get to Radio City by 12:30.  For supper we stopped at the local pizza place in Netcong.  John & Vince got a small pizza – which they could only eat ½ of together.  It was alot of pizza!

Marian and I.T. got in Wednesday night – then left Thursday morning for Boston.  Marian has got a new customized VAN – wow – is it ever neat!  I'd love to have one –but my trip around the world comes 1st.

My roommate has not arrived yet – should she not be nice – I hope she also smokes – then I'll have a good excuse to move her out or vice versa.

I do have a nice room – right off from the ladies restroom – looking down on the drive way – from 2 of the windows & other window faces the garden (courtyard).

Mary V – be sure & let met know whenever you know for sure – How are your ball games coming?

Group of 30 got her yesterday – about 25 senior citizens will be coming tomorrow.  We'll all start working tomorrow.  I hope that van runs in A-1 condition – if not I may be spending alot of time reading a "fix it" book & have little time for letter writing!

Hope this summer J.B. & I won't be writing you all the news in duplicate – at least you will get 2 different versions!


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