Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Photo identification

From All

Does anybody recognize the person and place in this photo? Roberta barely recognized the person and didn't recognize the place . . . even afer I told her what the place was.

I'm pretty sure the dress was a bright green with white polka dots.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

RUK! That is Luscious at the corner of the NV home (living room, standing on flower bed wall) with the Frumps house in the background, I believe.
Can't say that I remember the dress and the picture was probably taken before my birth but I would recognize that facial expression anywhere...

Catherine said...

I agree!

Serena said...

from HH:

"That pretty gal at the corner of our house in today's blog is JBU. No wonder she caught my eye AND how fortunate for all of us that she said yes to this country boy. I had forgotten how bad that house across the street looked and there was a similar house down College Street."

Serena said...

When I asked Roberta, didn't she remember washing those tiny windows in the dining rooms/living room? She didn't remember washing windows at all. I don't remember her washing windows either.

By the way, in looking at the dress more closely, the dress had diamond-shapes on it, not polka dots. I still think it was bright green though.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

I remember the dress in question but not sure if it is that old?

Serena said...

Yeah, I thought about that, but I think Mother did (does) keep her clothes for a long time. Plus that particular pattern - I think would be odd to find two that are that similar, let alone to buy two.

Although, she certainly has definite preferences for certain styles in shoes - whether in similar or different colors. I can remember she wore Keds for years - especially black and bright red ones. And then the SAS/Hush Puppies, especially with a pattern on the top, with a small heel in black, brown, red and or reddish-brown. Plus, of course, lots of others shoes in many different colors/styles.

Certainly Roberta takes after her mothers as far as shoes and clothes. Catherine, her father.

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