Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, it only took a few seconds to figure out why Mother wasn't in the picture and that Catherine must have been the photographer, outside the CMH on 3/1/64! Glad to hear that some of you ate turkey yesterday for Thanksgiving and we ate turkey soup ala Luscious last night. Today a friend brought by their left over ham which was enough for about 6 meals for us and then can use the bone, etc for some great vegetable soup in a couple weeks...And then the dog will be the last to enjoy it. What is everyone up to this weekend? We will be at Lothair at noon tomorrow to watch the Georgia/Georgia Tech game, which should be closer than usual (most times Georgia stomps all over GT).


Catherine said...

I like Roberta's hat and nice to see the Bruces looking so young! We were all sure glad to be celebrating the birth of MV!

Serena said...

Roberta was wearing Mrs. Bruce's fur and Dr. Bruce's hat. (And probably holding Catherine's book.)

The photo was taken with those photographed facing the hospital.

I do remember Mother waving out the hospital window. I don't remember if we got a glimpse of Baby Uible that day.

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