Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last night we had two kinds of tomato bread, hummus, squash soup and squash soup. We had no Soy Delicious or Blue Bell.

Mom really seemed to enjoy looking through the iPod Touch's photos. She caught on to how to flip through the photos pretty quickly - once she got on to it doesn't like it if you have more than one finger on the screen at a time.

They did mention that they had excellent limo service up to the airport.

KC was, of course, a big hit. He is much more "grown-up" than he was even when the Arizonans last saw him. He is speaking English more now - and attempting to saying aunts' names - although he leaves out a few letters. So now Roberta is attempting to help him fix that to perfection - yes the aunt who didn't learn to speak until she was three years old and then was in speech therapy for years. We haven't started work on his pronunciation of "Mary Virginia" - that is a mouthful. "John" should be easy enough.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

You can leave off the Virginia and MARY is very easy to say...much easier than "Serena" or "Roberta"!!

Catherine said...

Sorry we forgot the Soy Delicious. It was still frozen fairly solid thanks to us putting it in the cooler with an ice pack before we left it behind. I liked KC's pronunciation of Serena as "Lena" which he said several times even after we left as in "Bye, Lena". We did enjoy the soup and bread (thanks for the leftovers) and good to see Mom & Dad back in AZ.

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