Saturday, May 26, 2007

Screen shot . . . sort of

Yet another webcam photo . . . it is rather fun to play with, but as far as practical applications . . . I'm not so sure. I'm using the webcam this week-end so that I can teach the real owner next week how to use it. She got it "free" with her new computer system - which I installed for her earlier this week.

I've also filmed a little video of myself just to see how it is done . . . which is even odder than just the snapping of the webcam photo.

The webcam I'm using normally retails for about $50 on the Dell site - generally somewhat cheaper elsewhere, especially used or refurbished. Although since I still don't really see any real point to having one, at least not for me at this point.

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Catherine said...

So those are your eyes peering out at the bottom of the picture? Did you post the video of yourself?

Serena said...

Yes, those are my eyes. No, I didn't post the video. I read something off a webpage. One of the things about using a webcam, at least the way I've been using it, is my eyes look extremely shifty . . . primarily because my eyes keep shifting around.

It will be interesting to see how the woman who actually owns the camera uses it. She is somewhat uncomfortable trying new things on the web on her own. In fact, the ONLY reason she got the webcam was because she got it "free".

I am thinking about doing another video just so I can upload it to YouTube to see how difficult it is. (It can't be too difficult considering how many people do it.) Then I'd delete the video.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Serena, I am so impressed! You have a real gift for this technology stuff that the rest of us have to work at. You make it look easy but I can't say that I'm excited about a webcam or posting on youtube....I would have to be careful what I wear when I'm at the computer!!

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