Friday, May 04, 2007

It's Roberta who is not the oldest

I just tried to post a picture.....I love the news (meaning the old) ones that have been posted.....and your comments Serena! Especially the one of Roberta the future world traveler. Oh, that reminds me I want to check the temperatures of Ireland in November. A friend of our friend is setting up a trip there in November! Stay tuned! I am watching a new program to me......NANCY GRACE who used to be on CNN but then I lost her there. Actually, I was looking for the QVC (?) shopping channel since three came in today with the neatest sandals that they had all purchased recently there. Right now they are promoting electronics, so I switched the channel before Sid could see a new gadget he needs. ha though I am serious....always serious.

It is so windy out there, we did not want to get out on the bike today! Maybe later......we will have some of my fine leftovers tonight. Fixed some Costco pork chops in the slow cooker last night which turned out better than I would have thought! Tonight we will add corn on the cob that we got at Sprouts for 19 cents each.

Are blog postings supposed to be short? More later, TGIF! Roberta the blogger

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