Monday, May 28, 2007


DO not encourage Sid to buy a Cam/Com Camera......or whatever name it goes by! I do want one and all to know that I continue to check out the blog but just tonight figured out again how to post, though still not sure how to post a picture! HELP......SERENA!

I do have a new toy here with a new card program! We have been on the go, with two special programs the last two days, both of which included a free hot dog~~~~ tomorrow the program is at 8:30 (am!) so am thinking no hot dog! We will plan to do breakfast at Coco's instead. This morning I made some of my famous pancakes, they were burnt on the outside, and not cooked in the middle, still not sure how that happened!

Sid is putting ice cream in front of me so more that I know how to post again!


Serena said...

Pancakes burnt on the outside, raw on the inside means the pan was too hot. Sort of like being out in the AZ sun - it will burn you on the outside, but you'll still be pretty raw on the inside . . . unless you stay out an extraordinarily long time.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Yes, I agree with Serena. But the pancakes I have made at home, no matter what I do, don't compare with the ones I've eaten out. I like Cracker Barrel's really well but even McDonalds are better than mine. Frozen/microwave pancakes are pretty good!

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