Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Vienna Methodist Church

Here's another try with at least the New Vienna church picture. Don't know why the pictures aren't showing up in the other post. I reloaded them but didn't seem to change anything.

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Serena said...

Rather odd ... I know when I looked at the post I originally saw all the postcards.

My GUESS would be that possibly the site only allows you to hotlnk to a limited number of KB . . . my experience is that hotlinking is overlooked, not allowed or allowed. (Hotlinking means linking directly to an image from a host site - it does use up bandwidth at that site. Generally, it is a better idea to host the image at some place you can control - such as Picasa.)

I know that Blogger does have a limit to how many KB one can post in a given post, but I'm relatively sure the five or so images would NOT have exceeded that relatively generous limit.

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