Monday, April 23, 2007

Left Anterior Descending blah blah blah

I have doubled the amount of medical terminology I've learned in the last week or so! My heart cath came out fine and everything looked good and "within normal limits" except for a "^" in my left anterior descending (see #2 at right)....cardiologist Rx a hypertension medication to lower the BP (normal had inched up to 150/100ish) and lower the heart rate that stayed about 90-100 bpm resting. I started that on Thursday and by Saturday could tell a difference. I actually got up from a short nap and felt rested! As HH would say, it is a vicious cycle to not exercise because you don't feel well and then you don't feel well because you don't exercise!!
The cardiac rehab center through the hospital does have a medical evaluation and then will work with you for 3 months while you exercise in their lab which I plan to see about tomorrow.....Follow up with Dr. is Friday when he lowers the boom on diet, cholesterol, etc. It will be more fun than I can stand!


Serena said...

MV - I don't see a photo, but there is reference to one . . . ?

By the way if you need help with your diet . . . Roberta frequently refers to herself as "perfect" when choosing food to eat.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

I've never seen anything Roberta wouldn't eat---including when it was on someone else's plate! lol

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