Friday, April 20, 2007

Plans and battery operated stuff

I'm getting ready to go on the SCW bike riders ride this morning. I chatted with a couple of people from the group yesterday at the New Residents meet and greet yesterday. The bike ride is not at 8:00, but 7:30 now. Don't know if it gets earlier as the summer gets deeper.

I've already ruined the free pedometer I got yesterday from Sun Health. Who would have guessed that a battery operated thing wouldn't do well going through the wash this morning? I do seem to be having a sudden problem with water and battery operated things - yesterday my "water-proof" watch gave up the ghost after being fogged up for 36+ hours (strangely it did work while the water was still condensed inside the watch). Who would have guessed that a $6 Wal-Mart watch would be so temporary?(It lasted 8 months, I think).

The plan for tomorrow is that R and I (and Sid?) are going to the Peoria Goodwill in the afternoon - it is 50% off day. Then, I'll bike on to the library, or Morgans, depending on the time.

Well, need to get going.

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Catherine said...

Thanks for the update, Serena. We'll see you tomorrow. We're headed off to help in transporting of Wendy to the airport for her weekend with Ken's sisters in Las Vegas and then we'll watch KC until Ken gets off work. Glad to hear the positive report on MV's heart yesterday.

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