Saturday, April 07, 2007

Welcome Home, One and All

By this time tomorrow night, all of us should be back home. Interesting the AZ contingent will reach their destination first, but that is certainly the joys of modern technology/aviation! We had an enjoyable day at St. Augustine and the kids left happy. We did find some shorts at The Avenues Mall (Julie---we took the others back! Hopefully it is a lesson learned for Ginny) and had dinner at Seven Bridges Brewery and Grille, thanks to JBs AAA book. Evidently it is part of the Gordon Biersch Restaurant group...but the food was excellent and service quick and attentive. I think I've been reading too many tour books and starting to sound like one. At any rate, we will head out in the morning and glad to hear from Julie via cell phone that they had already progressed to Charlotte, NC at suppertime tonight and planned to go further. It was wonderful to see everyone and appreciate not only the folks generous hospitality but the Horton warm welcome and tolerance of the boys splashing in their pool everyday!

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Catherine said...

Great to read your update, Mary! We spent yesterday getting two of our tires fixed -- both back tires had nails in them. Then went washer and dryer shopping with Wendy and Ken, our housewarming present to them. Today it is back to work for me. Was great to see everyone. Thanks for your generosity, Dad and Mother, in making such get togethers possible.

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