Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Life is full compromises


Sorry, this year there is no big multi-tiered cake.

Sorry, this year the honeymoon suite is already rented.

Sorry, this year you're not near Williamsburg, Virginia.

Sorry, this year there is no champagne.

Sorry, this year there is no fancy feast.

Sorry, this year, there is no music for dancing long into the night.


This year . . .

This year there is plenty of room for fresh fruit and vegetables in the motel room mini-fridge.

This year, actually, there is a honeymoon suite - Andrew and Christian are particularly enjoying it.

This year you're close to the nursing home.

This year there is plenty of tap water.

This year, we can ask your grandchildren to dance as your daughter sings.

This year, we'll have dinner at the nursing home.

Life is full of compromises, as you know after 59 years of wedded bliss. Your five children, three in-laws, four grandchildren, a niece and husband, a nephew and wife and child, plus a sister are here to wish you a


So, even though you don't have all the trimmings of 59 years ago, we're sure you'll enjoy this year's celebration with all the compromises. Next year, we have votes for Key West (complete with someone screaming that she will NOT go and if she does she will NOT have a good time), Hillsboro, Stacy's in Wilmington, an all day outing to IKEA, beans with hot sauce at a Mexican restaurant, nature hikes complete with sampling of unripe persimmons . . . So, enjoy the good times THIS year.

With love from your children

Mary Virginia


Mary Uible Crowson said...

There may be five names listed on the bottom, but I think I can speak for the other four that the creative anniversary wishes, pictures and loving words are from Serena (NMI). She deserves the credit for it and certainly made the rest of us look good in the process! VERY NICE, Serena!

Mary Uible Crowson said...

There was no fancy feast BUT there was plenty of ITALIAN! lol

Roberta said...

Excellent, and just now I realized that there are pictures too! Thanks Serena.......Roberta the commenter who is looking for tape for mailing packages!

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