Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another photograph and questions

Above is the writing on the back of the photograph below. Which makes me rather wonder whether Debbie's last name really is (was?) Reynolds? Although I'm not sure what the name written there is.

I cropped out Spotty (the Dalmation) because one could hardly tell it was indeed him lying there on the floor and helped the faces come into closer focus. Also, cropped out the swing which was faced to swing out away from what was Dad's office and eventually John's bedroom. I don't really remember when there wasn't railing clear across the front of the porch (excluding the steps, of course).


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Serena...I have never seen this photo! :) I've also never met (that I remember) Luna Hiestand Mitchell or what I'm guessing would be her granddaugher (or great g'daughter?). Didn't Luna have a daughter, Luna, that married a Herron---which looks like what Mother has written after her name. Just my guess....

Serena said...

Thanks MV! I kept seeing "Herra" or something like that . . . I had rather forgotten about Herron as a family name. I've changed the name in this blog and I need to change in the photo album.

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