Saturday, April 28, 2007

Alta Loma

The roof-mate right now is trimming up the grapefruit and orange trees in the backyard. I've chatted with him briefly and thanked him again. I did decide that something a little more tangible would be nice, so now have virtually no bread in the house - gave him most of what was left of the 100% whole wheat and also the mostly white plain bread. So, guess I'll be baking more bread this evening or tomorrow morning.

I've invited the Morgans and Kings over for a very simple brunch next week. Mainly breads and spreads. I may ask Morgans to bring some fruit salad and maybe the Kings some ice cream. (There is always room for ice cream. Still have Soy Delicious frozen ice-cream-like stuff.)

And then I suppose we will have to get together to celebrate Roberta's birthday (60, isn't it?). Anybody else up for Persian Garden?


Catherine said...

I'm ready for Persian Garden -- haven't been there since we went with you last summer, (early fall?) Serena. We can celebrate my 60th there which will be on a night they are open, and it comes before Roberta's 60th in case you forgot which one of us is older. Where would Roberta like to go for her birthday? See the AZ crowd next Saturday if not before.

Serena said...

We went in early December . . . ummm . . . December 6ish . . . speaking of birthdays, I'm pretty sure we were celebrating somebody's birth. He wasn't there, he was nearby . . . in the hospital. I had some kind of delicious pasta. The spinach burger that Catherine ordered tasted great, too.

CATHERINE is the oldest? Who would have guessed?

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Birthday? in the hospital? I'm so confused. Catherine's the oldest? Nobody ever tells the baby anything...

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